Crochet, Crotat, Aran and Rainbows

Rainbow Valley comes to Rochester, Kent

Rainbow Valley Crochet
Rainbow Valley Crochet

The last weekend of June see’s us welcoming back Helen Free of Rainbow Valley Crochet. Helen designs unique crochet patterns under the name of Enfys, which I believe is Welsh for rainbow (I’m sure Helen will correct me later if I got it wrong).

Helen was taught to crochet by her Dad but she didn’t really take it very seriously until she reached her 20’s, round about the same time she bought her home and needed something to occupy her evenings. Helen says that she has always been good at “making things up as she goes along” and soon found that she was getting requests for her patterns and was encouraged to start writing them down and selling them online. Helen has never looked back and continues to design a wide array of crochet patterns, some of which have been featured in Inside Crochet magazine.

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What is your favourite creative hobby?

Creative hobbies galore
Creative hobbies galore

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Learn as we go… Felting

Learn as we go... Felting
Learn as we go… Felting

One of the things I like to achieve with Unravel & Unwind is to provide affordable sessions in which you can learn different creative skills, and our felting group is no exception to this “rule”. I made the decision a few months back that we don’t always need a tutor to show us how to do something. This not only keeps the costs down but also provides the participants the opportunity of peer support and sourcing their own inspirations.

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A Demented Hermit’s Guide To Eastering

Bantam chicken and rabbit If you happen to be interested in creating your own bunny to celebrate this Easter, Unravel and Unwind run a Keepsake Bears and Bunnies workshop that will guide you, step by step, in creating a cuddly companion of your very own. Easter is a confusing and tumultuous time of year dominated by the hasty buying of chocolate eggs, rabbits in windows and churches simultaneously cashing in on the festivities while also trying to point out that none of it is relevant to how we should celebrate it. So I thought I’d clear a few things up, I have after all had plenty of time to think things over from my woodland cave after all, and give you the definitive guide to eternally confusing subject of Easter.
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Greetings Crafters

Yarn Pile

Hello fellow land mammals, this mostly brand new blog (I’ve been a bit slow at getting it up and running, sorry) is a little extra that Unravel and Unwind wanted to put together to say a bit more, as there’s only so much that can be said on most social media without it being cut off or clumped up into a block of unmanageable text.

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