My Unravel And Unwind Story

Hello crafters!

Kron Unravel

It’s me, Kron! You know, the Yeti.
I’m here to tell you a little story about my time at Unravel and Unwind.
My own personal story, about me, is a long and boring one of depression and joblessness, so I will mostly skip that part and just cut it down to this. I am jobless, suffering from depression and anxiety, this place has helped me more than any amount of medication (and at times there was a lot of medication).

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Dressmaking skills with Bette Love

Bette Love returns to Unravel & Unwind

Bette Love
Bette Love (click on photo to visit Bette’s website)

In July & August we welcome back Rachel from Bette Love, to pass on her skills in dressmaking. These skills range from made to measure pattern drafting through to the completion of an item of clothing, ready to wear.

Rachel is offering two classes in the coming months. She will be repeating the pencil skirt made to measure class, as this is a popular addition to our program of events and sells out very quickly.

The class is small, limited to 4 people, and affordable at just £45 for the whole day (11am to 5pm) and includes all the materials needed to go home with a very smart pencil skirt ideal for formal occasions.

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