How To Buy From Our Creatives

Beads 002At Unravel and Unwind we are blessed with a wealth of experienced artists and crafters as well as a growing number of those making their first steps into creating for both hobby and sale.

Many of our volunteers and regulars create fantastic things that you could own, we sell some of these items through our workshop but many have their own websites and store-fronts; today we’re going help you find out where to buy from and support these wonderful people. Continue reading “How To Buy From Our Creatives”


Getting Crafty For Beginners


For some people, getting into arts and crafts can seem a bit of daunting prospect; material cost, learning the basic skills to create the various things buzzing around in your head and figuring out exactly what you’d like to try first can all appear to be insurmountable barriers.

Trust me though, they aren’t.

If you’re looking to learn some new skills, or just polish up some rusty ones, I have some good news for you. Continue reading “Getting Crafty For Beginners”

Pros And Cons Of Polymer Clay

Cute Polymer Clay Dragons

Clay sculpting can be a little intimidating for some to dive into, cost, skill and upkeep can all seem prohibitive for those looking to take their first steps in this field.
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Attack of the Minions

Faye Minion Hat

Some of you may not know this, but Minions are kind of a big deal around here. Not only does (almost) everyone love the little yellow creatures but one of the earliest crochet projects attempted by Faye was the Minion hat above.

I however may have started taking things a little too far.
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My Unravel And Unwind Story

Hello crafters!

Kron Unravel

It’s me, Kron! You know, the Yeti.
I’m here to tell you a little story about my time at Unravel and Unwind.
My own personal story, about me, is a long and boring one of depression and joblessness, so I will mostly skip that part and just cut it down to this. I am jobless, suffering from depression and anxiety, this place has helped me more than any amount of medication (and at times there was a lot of medication).

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