Secret Garden CAL – Block 1


Mini Butterflies

Helen Free
Helen Free

Rainbow Valley Crochet released her first crochet-a-long on 16th January 2017, after a couple of month’s of excitement and pre-sales reaching over 400 crochet enthusiasts world wide. The Secret Garden blanket began last summer with just a conversation (all the best idea’s start this way) among friends and soon developed into the creation of garden blocks with as little sewing as possible. The excitement began when Helen shared the image below in a very large online crochet group, having no idea how much interest it would bring.

Rainbow Valley Crochet Secret Garden CAL
Rainbow Valley Crochet
Secret Garden CAL

Helen quickly set about getting a test team together so that the idea could develop further and with as few teething problems as possible. I joined the team with Heather and Lesley, and later on Moira. All of us testing the block patterns to ensure that they were correct and pin-pointing any potential problem area’s. This gave Helen the opportunity to create photo tutorials for each block.

During this time, interest continued to grow and we saw an increase of visitors to the Rainbow Valley Crochet Facebook page. Helen then decided to do a pre-release pattern sales and with the option of purchasing yarn packs via her website in order to gauge the level of interest.

On release day, Helen emailed more than 400 participants directing them toward the support group. WOW! None of us were expecting such a huge number. I couldn’t believe it, but I have been telling Helen for a long time that she is a yarn artist and very talented indeed. But you can be the judge of that.

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Secret Garden FAQ’s

F.A.Q.’s ~ Please read carefully



The pattern is delivered digitally.

It will be emailed to you when each section is released starting on January 16th 2017.

You can choose to have it added to your Ravelry library by sending a message to Enfys on Ravelry containing your PayPal transaction ID.

As this is a digital product, there are no restrictions on who may buy it.

The Pattern is available in UK & US terms and is also available in German/Deutsch and Swedish/Svenska

Pattern Timetable
November 25th, 2016 – Pattern Notes available
January 16th, 2017 – Block 1
January 30th, 2017 – Block 2
February 13th, 2017 – Block 3
February 27th, 2017 – Block 4
March 13th, 2017 – Block 5
March 27th, 2017 – Block 6
April 10th, 2017 – Joining and border
April 24th, 2017 – Its a secret!

UK Yarn Packs

These yarn packs are for UK residents only. The price includes the yarn, pattern and postage.

They are shipped out weekly in batches and you should receive an email from the courier with tracking details.

The pattern is not sent with the yarn pack, it is delivered digitally as explained above.

To purchase click here

EU Yarn Packs

These yarn packs are for EU residents only. The price includes the yarn, pattern and postage.

These are shipped out as soon as I am able, usually by airmail. Delivery can take up to 2 weeks.

The pattern is not sent with the yarn pack, it is delivered digitally as explained above.

To purchase click here

Yarn Packs to the rest of the world.

My insurance does not cover me to send physical goods outside of the EU. This is why it is very important that you contact me and wait for an answer before purchasing a yarn pack if you live outside of the EU.

Important!  Please read carefully before placing an order Terms & Conditions are here

This page will be continually updated when new questions arise.

Tunisian Tuesday CAL 


Week 9 – Block 25


This weeks block is all Tunisian Simple Stitch with some colour changes. There is a slight problem in the instructions for this one so please read the instructions in the comments carefully.

If you follow the instructions exactly you will end up with “clean” colour changes as in the example on the right.
If you want your block to look like the one in the pattern, you will need to put your stitches on the hook and take them off in the new colour. This makes the colours look like they have run into each other.

Helen comments – I did a total of 20 rows and changed colours after the forward pass, not at the end of the row as stated in the pattern text.

Faye comments – My block ended on 20 rows and as Helen explained, I was changing colour at the end of the row as per the written text and directions given under the special instructions.

Don’t forget to read the rest of the post as there are hints/tips, photographs, group feedback and more.

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Crochet, Crotat, Aran and Rainbows

Rainbow Valley comes to Rochester, Kent

Rainbow Valley Crochet
Rainbow Valley Crochet

The last weekend of June see’s us welcoming back Helen Free of Rainbow Valley Crochet. Helen designs unique crochet patterns under the name of Enfys, which I believe is Welsh for rainbow (I’m sure Helen will correct me later if I got it wrong).

Helen was taught to crochet by her Dad but she didn’t really take it very seriously until she reached her 20’s, round about the same time she bought her home and needed something to occupy her evenings. Helen says that she has always been good at “making things up as she goes along” and soon found that she was getting requests for her patterns and was encouraged to start writing them down and selling them online. Helen has never looked back and continues to design a wide array of crochet patterns, some of which have been featured in Inside Crochet magazine.

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