Who are we?

Unravel & Unwind CIC help bring like-minded (creative) people together, some of whom have a history of chronic illness, depression and social isolation, to come together to teach, share knowledge, swap skills but most of all to have fun and socialise by doing what they love. By offering up time and space through Unravel & Unwind CIC, people can work together in comfort with no expectations of what should be done (or how), taking their time, taking small steps and just being there for one another.

We are working to develop a “A country cottage” style craft drop in centre for crafters of all abilities, ages, background and culture where they can come and craft while they socialise-practice-teach-learn.

Our aim is to create a friendly open environment,”A crafting home from home” (comment from one of our fans), where local crafters & families can practice, learn, teach and sell their crafts. A place where skills can be shared and new ideas encouraging community engagement, increasing social well-being, removing isolation and possibly mentoring transitions into employment.

In order to help us achieve our aim we have created a drop in centre. The drop in centre has a charge of £3.00 (loyalty scheme available) per visit (the only time restriction is our opening times). In addition to the drop in we also run regular dedicated craft sessions for crochet, knitting and sewing alongside our extensive curriculum of workshops.

Let’s all learn how to “make do and mend” and pass on skills to the next generation.

This blog is a space for more long form updates of what’s going on with us, descriptions of workshops, anecdotes and ideas that might not quite fit on Facebook, TwitterG+ or Pinterest, and for workshop times and dates check out our main site.

Don’t use Facebook? Don’t worry, you can keep up to date by subscribing here.

Opinions and views expressed on this blog are those of the authors and may not be indicative of those held by Unravel & Unwind.

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